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Prepare your House. Sell your House.

You would like to sell your property on your own, but don't know where to start.

Get the professional service and advice you need to

give your home a stunning online presence.

Starting at $500

For Properties up to 1500sqft.

Five Steps to a Professional Real Estate Listing

  1. Staging Consultation: We'll begin with a tour of your home, answer your questions, give staging advice, and write a priority report so you know where to START when preparing your home for sale. 

  2. Walk Through: After you have prepared your home, we'll walk though to review and recommend any finishing touches. 

  3. Photography: We will photograph your property, prepare a virtual tour, property description, and flyers. 

  4. Legal Documents: We'll present you with the current legal documents you'll need to prepare and be familiar with. 

  5. Create your Listing:​ Upload all your photos and documents to the listing service of your choice. 


Let's Get Started!

We just need some information and we'll contact you shortly!

Thank you!

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