Staging Consultation

A property ready for showings is great start, but having a property ready for photographs entails much more. As we have photographed hundreds of homes, we bring our experience to your Seller.

You'll have up to a 2-hour Staging Consultation to evaluate the exterior and every room if the property, providing your Seller with a customized and prioritized checklist of instructions for preparation before the photography appointment

Top Reasons to Schedule a Staging Consultation

  • Sales Presentation: Adding this service to your Sales Presentation could help you stand out among other Realtors the Seller may be considering, but this will get YOU the listing.

  • Impression: You feel your Seller is the kind that likes to "wined and dined", and this service may help give them the special treatment they are looking for. 

  • Referrals: You feel you may get more referrals from your Seller for providing a superior service like this with their sales experience. 

  • Availability: Your Seller finally wants to list their property, but you are out of town or have other scheduling conflicts making it hard to be there when they need it. 

  • Confrontations: You feel your Seller is the type to argue or be insulted regarding staging suggestions. You feel they may be less confrontational with one of us. 

  • Beginner: This is one of your first listings and would feel more confident if we were there to help give instructions on how to prepare the home.

  • Assistants: You're not busy enough to hire an assistant, but busy enough that you could use a little help on occasion.

  • Busy Season: It's busy season, you've been working non-stop, and just need a little break!

  • For Sale by Owner: You are the home owner and scheduling this service because you're not sure where to start!

How to Schedule

When scheduling photography via the order form, check the option "Staging Consultation" to have our Consultant schedule a time with your Sellers before the appointment.

If you'd like to schedule the Staging Consultant prior to completing the entire order form, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.