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Volume Photography Program

Starting at $100 per Property

The Volume Photography Program is designed specifically for Vacant Lease Listings and works best for Property Management Companies. We understand there is a smaller profit margin for leasing, but there is still a need for a brand image and reputation to build business. When we are granted the flexibility to photograph vacant properties between our full-priced scheduled appointments, we return the favor of offering a lower price and applicable service. 

Benefits of the Volume Photography Program

  • Established Standard Procedures: We'll establish billing, emails, contacts, access codes, photography preferences, etc, from the beginning and apply to all listings. 

  • Scheduling: Simply email the property address and ready date to schedule.

  • Consistency: The same price and photography service will apply to all listings. 

  • Price Locked: Your price will be locked in through the calendar year. 

  • Billing Preferences: We can bill per listing, or a re-occuring monthly flat fee based on the previous two years of listings. 

  • Usage Rights: You'll be able to use the photos on the MLS for as long as you manage the listing, as often as needed.

  • Logo: Your company logo can be added to the corner of the photos to guarantee they cannot be used directly by the owner or a competitor. 

  • Amenities: Condos and Apartment Amenities will be included in the property photos. 

  • Custom Collection Link: See all your properties uploaded to separate folders under one link. 


  • Availability: Properties must be vacant and have full flexibility for our arrival at anytime. Properties that require an appointment will be given standard pricing. 

  • Scheduling: Allow 5 business days for properties to be photographed, edited, and ready for download.

  • Not For Sale: The Volume program is designed to fit the budget of lower profit margins of a lease listing, not to be exploited on a full commission sale transaction. 

How to Get Started

Let's schedule a consultation. Please fill out this short questionnaire and we'll be in touch to discuss your business and go over your volume photography options. 

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