White Glove Service


Sometimes there are listings that need a little extra care. When adding White Glove Service to your photography order, we will take extra steps to ensure the best results that will most benefit your listing. 


Before the Appointment

  • We will have a verbal consultation regarding the property, including your biggest concerns and personal preferences for photography.

  • Time of day will be considered to ensure when the front of the home is best lit. We can easily get an great idea from Google maps. 


During the Appointment

  • We will take up to 30 minutes at the beginning of the appointment to do a detailed walk-through of the home, adding some final touches to the staging, such as adjusting blinds and curtains, folding blankets, touch ups on glass, positioning decor, and staging furniture.

  • As we move the camera through the home, we will continue to slightly reposition items to ensure the best composition for every photo. 

  • Blinds may be readjusted to remove glare or streaks of light shining into the home that may be more visible from some angles rather than others. 

  • Help move boxes or other items from one room to the other to keep them out of photos.

  • Use tricks of trade to make large items disappear from rooms when applicable.

  • For exteriors, we will avoid neighbor's properties, reposition patio furniture, take time to move trash cans or other obscure items easily moved from view.


During the editing process, we will take care of the following items when applicable:

  • Grass greening and patching bald spots in yards.

  • Sky replacement.

  • Lighten stains or cracks on concrete so they are less apparent.

  • Removing lockboxes or other small, obscure objects.

  • Lighten stains on carpets.

  • Remove tags from blinds, pillows, comforters, etc.

  • Remove neighbors trash cans when they can be seen outside from interior photos. 

  • Blur faces on family portraits.

  • Remove stains or handprints on stainless steel appliances.

  • Digitally add light to non-working bulbs. 

  • Remove obscure debris from pools and concrete.


Photo Package Delivery:​

  • A "Proofs" set will be included to include all raw, unedited photos. Many times, additional photos are taken that are not included in the final edited collection. This gives you full visibility of every angle captured and how the additional editing was beneficial to your photography.

How to Schedule

When scheduling photography via the order form, check the option "White Glove Service". Please add any detailed information or instructions to the comments section that follows.