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Austin Photographer Real Estate
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Austin Photographer Real Estate
Austin Photographer Real Estate
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Austin Photography

Photography that Sells

Great photography specifically designed to sell real estate.




  • Full 4K HDR Quality
    (High Dynamic Range)

  • Ultra High Definition

  • Fully Edited & MLS Compliant

  • Bright, Vibrant, Realistic Colors

  • Even Lighting

  • Wide-Angle Lens
    (Industry Standard, Not Fish-Eye)

  • Lens Distortion Correction

  • Complimentary Sky Replacement
    for all Twilight Photography

  • Grass Greening & Sky Replacement Available

  • Neighborhood & Local Amenities Available


  • Seller Preparation Checklist

  • Mobile Friendly Order Form 

  • Compatibility for MLS, Print, Social Media, and all Web platforms

  • Gallery in "Tour-Flow" for
    Quick and Easy Upload

  • Dedicated MLS Cover Photo

  • Twilight Consultation

  • Next Day Delivery & Same Day Available

  • Dedicated Link for all your
    Property Photo Collections

  • Online Invoice

  • Payments Accepted via Credit Card, Check, Cash, Venmo, & CashApp

Complimentary Sky Replacement

For All Twilght Photography

Custom HDR & Photo Editing

Included with All Photography

HDR Photography gives the illusion of even lighting, created by software that blends together a range of photos taken at different exposures. For over 2 years I tested a variety of HDR effects to achieve a realistic look, specifically designed to sell real estate. Since then I have developed a signature HDR algorithm to guarantee realistic tone, clarity, color, proper lighting, and sharpness. Real Estate Photography should highlight the best features in a home to drive buyers to your listings, without unnecessary and overdone HDR effects.

Real Estate Professionals

Always Receive 30% Off Your First Order

To show my appreciation and gratitude, all Real Estate Professionals will receive 30% Off their first order.

I understand there are many photographers to choose from. This is my way of saying thank you and encourage professionals to try my service.

Over 60 Five-Star Reviews on Facebook!


Ken Stahl

Owner & Photographer


Having lived in Austin, TX since 2011 and running a successful Real Estate Photography company, I have returned to Canton, OH to relaunch my business in my hometown. 

In 2013, I became a licensed Real Estate Agent in Austin. I quickly learned I would need stable source of income as I built my business. I put my skills together and started my own Real Estate Photography company and turned my colleagues into my clients. After my first year, I was working full time and hired a second photographer. Soon we were photographing over 500 homes per year. 


Austin is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the county, and as a self-taught photographer, had to work very hard to develop exceptional quality and strong brand image to be competitive with the established providers in town. It soon became my goal to return to my hometown of Canton and one day be a leader in the real estate market in quality, knowledge, and service. 

North Canton, OH 44720 | KStahlPhoto@Gmail.com
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